Conference Overview

Tuesday, September 11:  Welcome Reception

Wednesday, September 12: Conference

Thursday, September 13: Conference continues and Big Night Out/In

Friday, September 14: Conference concludes at noon

*Book Direct at North Conway Grand Hotel or call 800-655-1452

Q-Straint: Wheelchair Securement Training (sponsored by NEPTA)
This training provides an overview of the range of securement equipment currently available and a comprehensive review of the proper way to secure passengers with special needs and their wheelchairs. Ideal for new-hire and refresher training, topics covered include:
•             Liability & Best Practices
•             Securement Equipment Operation
•             Pre-trip inspection & Basic Maintenance
•             Securing the Mobility Device
•             Securing the Occupant
•             Sensitivity Training
All attendees will receive a certificate of completion for their records.
CTAA CCTS Training for Certification
CTAA’s Certified Community Transit Supervisor training program addresses core transit industry supervisory skills in front line management, human resources management, operations and safety management and performance-based management. Trainees will receive a manual including reference material, sample documents, and other management aids for the front line supervisor. At the conclusion of this training, class participants are tested in their mastery of these areas. All trainees who successfully complete the examination component of the workshop will be professionally certified by CTAA as Certified Community Transportation Supervisors (CCTS); this certification will be valid for three years, whereupon the supervisor will need to recertify.